Sharjah Cooperative Issues 26 Edition of its Magazine


Sharjah Cooperative has issued the 26th edition of Sharjah Cooperative Magazine that specializes in its news, branches, services and achievements.

The 26th edition included the Cooperative’s most remarkable news and achievements, notably raising the UAE flag at Helwan branch to celebrate national flag day, distributing alms (zakat) funds for 2014 through the authorized channels, totaling 4 million dirhams, in addition to the Cooperative’s most important events and humanitarian and societal initiatives.

This edition covered the opening of new sections in Helwan branch in response to demand by shoppers, by adding sections for fresh food, salads and fresh juices, expanding the grill section, dairy and bakery sections.

The Magazine chose Khorfakkan branch for “Our Cooperatives” section, and recounted the geographical areas served by the branch and the developments that have taken place there since its founding in 2010, with a summary about its sections and its leased shops. Amjad Balout, food section head, talked about the standards followed by the Cooperative for choosing suppliers and new products, standard procedures applied in case of a supplier not adhering to their contract, and negotiation skills with companies. Ms. Nuha Al Naqbi, In-Charge at Khorfakkan branch, was chosen to talk about the duties she’s tasked with undertaking, the work flow at the branch and the most important projects forecast for the branch in the near future.

The magazine showcased the most important legumes available in the branches in “Our Products” section, and offered advice on foods and their health benefits.

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