More than 120,000 subscribers since its beta launch last July


Sharjah Coop launches MyCoop Rewards program to boost shoppers purchasing power

Sharjah Coop has launched My Coop Rewards program, one of the largest rewards programs in the region, after its trial launch last July where the number of officially activated members in the system exceeded 120,000, in addition to the registration of more than 10,000 new members, and the number is still increasing due to the high demand by the customers to register in the system.

Majid Al Junaid, CEO of Sharjah Coop, explained that the MyCoop program is the most interactive rewards program for retail customers, pointing out that it contributes to supporting the purchasing power of consumers, as the coop worked on developing it according to a precise system based on understanding the requirements and needs of customers and offering them more conveniently, which contributes to increasing the number of program members, broadening horizons, achieving growth and increasing sales.

His Excellency stated that My Coop Rewards program stands out with its multiple incentives and discounts for shoppers. The shopper is rewarded when he/she joins the program, and gets his/her profits for the previous year upon completing registration, as the process depends on rewarding  points to the customers on each purchase at the coop’s branches or through the online store, then the points can be exchanged as a balance of purchases, with a profit rate that is considered the best among all coops in the country.

All categories are eligible for becoming members of MyCoop Rewards program, including Shareholders Gold Card Holders, Silver and White Card holders and all Sharjah Coop shoppers. MyCoop Rewards Program includes three categories: Gold, Bronze, and Gold VIP, which is the category of customers whose purchases exceed one hundred thousand dirhams annually.

Registration to the program can be done by downloading the coop’ mobile App via Google Play or Apple Store, by visiting any Sharjah Coop branch and providing the cashier with personal data and contact number, or by visiting the e-commerce website to register and obtain membership.

His Excellency the CEO stated that Sharjah Coop seeks through the launch of the program to attract more new customers and retain the existing ones by offering more discounts, incentives and rewards that satisfy everyone, and works to strengthen ties with shoppers, and encourages them to buy periodically within a short period of time, in addition to its effectiveness in enhancing Sharjah Coop’s ability in targeting specific customer segments in marketing certain products and offers. The program will also help in obtaining sufficient information about customers in terms of the number of times they shop or the value of their monthly and annual purchases, and then work on allocating personalized promotional offers for each shopper based on their personal information (age – marital status – residence location – family size – gender).

MyCoop points will also be included in all promotional campaigns organized by the coop, allowing shoppers to have discounted prices with bonus free points throughout the campaign period. Members can also inquire through Sharjah Coop social media pages, branches and head office about their membership and collected points.

His Excellency called on all shoppers to take advantage of the program and all the promotions offered by Sharjah Coop, with the aim of providing the best services and products in a safe and convenient shopping environment.

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